Behind-the-Wheel Training

State-required 6 hours driving + 6 hours observing

Our behind the wheel (BTW) program involves 12 total hours, as required by the state (6 hours of driving, 6 hours of observing). All lessons include defensive driving skills. Each lesson is designed to introduce more complicated driving skills. For example:

  1. The student must be able to handle the vehicle through all required maneuvers. They accomplish this in and around the streets of Pulaski.
  2. Continues with review of maneuvers, but the emphasis takes the students onto a two-lane highway with sustained speed and country road drives for risk comparisons.
  3. Emphasis on visual scanning, four-lane highway introduction with entering traffic, lane changes, and maneuvers within a hilly region.
  4. Continuation of interstate driving, however taking students into larger-city conflict, traffic lights, uncontrolled intersections, one-way streets, and emphasis of the importance of identifying and reading traffic signs and road markings.
  5. A lengthy drive filled with many challenges including round-a-bouts, interstate traffic, bridges, downtown Green Bay, one-way streets, utility lanes, and construction zones, to name a few.
  6. A mock road test to evaluate a student’s ability and preparedness for the state road test. Feedback is given to each student upon the completion of the mock test

BTW appointments are easily met with pick-ups at the Pulaski High School during school months and at other times at various locations in Pulaski. Schedules are set by the students to accommodate their busy lives.

Behind-the-wheel Training